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customer interviews 

Say goodbye to manually analyzing numerous interview videos. 


Your AI insights are generating

Revolutionize the way you analyze qualitative user interview data.

With just a simple click, Insightflo transforms all your user interviews into ready-to-present reports with categorized themes, supporting quotes, and quantified numbers within 5 mins. 

Analyze multiple interview videos all at once

Effortlessly extract key insights from multiple interview videos with our AI technology in no time. 

User interview customer interview

Insights driven by research questions

  • Unlock actionable insights with tailored question-focused AI analysis.

  • Ensure our analysis addresses your specific interview video queries

Research questions

Enrich your reports with user quotes, numbers and highlight reels

  • Themes are backed by quotes and clips from interview videos, along with quantified numbers.

  • Fine-tune AI-analyzed results, add notes seamlessly.

  • Share impactful reports for stakeholders featuring the voices of your users.

Qualitative research insights and reports
" The app is great! I really enjoyed trying it out. If you have any future updates let me know. This would be revolutionary for us. "
- UX Researcher at Carnegie
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Analyze multiple videos in no time, giving you ready-to-present reports with user quotes, video clips and quantified number

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